Ford Fiesta Performance Features

With the Ford Fiesta, the American automaker showed that European cars can work for the US market. With great acceleration, lots of tech features, and a powerful engine, the Fiesta is not just your typical commuter vehicle. The compact sedan has multiple trims and can instantly give you more performance if you opt for the turbocharged engine model or Ford Fiesta ST.

With the base trim on the Ford Fiesta, you’ll get about 120 horsepower from the four-cylinder engine. You can opt for manual or automatic transmission with the base model, but it’s the Ford Fiesta ST that has the bigger engine and better performance output. The ST gets about 32 mpg, but you can always get more by turning on the EcoBoost option.

Ready for more performance? You opt for the Ford Fiesta four-cylinder with six-speed manual transmission. The hatchback is probably the best-looking of the Fiesta options. You can take a test drive at Deery Brothers Ford, which is the best place for Ford deals in Iowa City, IA.

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