Ford Fusion Hybrid Design Features

The trick to a smooth ride and effortless commute, regardless of traffic, is loving the car you drive. For gas-electric sedan owners in Iowa City, IA and other cities, it’s easy to love the Ford Fusion Hybrid. Seating five with a spacious interior, the Hybrid takes on the go-green initiative with vigor and green LCD leaves on an eco-smart gauge. The more energy you save, the more leaves light up on dash gauge.

The exterior features of the Ford Fusion Hybrid include automatic high beams and LED tail lamps. Both of these features help guide you through inclement weather and dark road conditions to ensure you reach your destination safely.

We at Deery Brothers Ford love the idea of the Ford Fusion Hybrid and its leafy, visual rewards system for how much natural energy you use and save. Come test drive this hybrid for yourself to see if it’s the right car for your everyday commutes.

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