The Newest Ford EcoSport has Style

The Ford EcoSport remains a popular compact crossover for owners who enjoy driving an SUV without the hassle of maneuvering a large vehicle. The latest models underwent style upgrades and are available for your viewing pleasure. See them at our Iowa City, IA showroom.

Passengers enjoy the comfort and luxury that the combination fabric/leather seats provide. The front seats are designed to enhance ventilation during the summer and are heated during the winter. The driver's seat additionally boasts six adjustable power settings for added comfort.

Take your key fob. However, keep it in your pocket or purse and simply tap the door or open the tailgate without using a key. Push-button start is another convenient feature. Beef up the style of your EcoSport by adding a moonroof and roof rack. Make time to visit us at your local Deery Brothers Ford and see all of the new Ford EcoSport upgrades.

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