The Ford Transit Connect Fits Your Lifestyle

No matter what your lifestyle, the Ford Transit Connect can be tailored to meet your specific needs. The long wheelbase Transit, with 149 cubic feet of storage space, is built to hold more than 1600 pounds. The short wheelbase is nimble and maneuverable enough for big city traffic. Both long and short wheelbase models feature AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control, automatically detects movement and adjust engine torque and braking to help you maintain control.

If you loan your car to a friend or family, you can set the maximum speed, limit how loud the sound system plays, set a “Belt-Minder” to chime continuously until everyone is buckled up, and set the fuel gauge to sound an alarm when there are 75 miles left, giving the driver plenty of time to find a station.

The electronic Curve Control senses the speed and movement and applies engine torque to individual wheels to help the driver maintain control. The Electronic Emergency Brake, along with the Hill Start Assist, automatically keeps the brakes engaged when you stop while going uphill.

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